Joseph S. Benner

Joseph S. Benner (1872 - 1938) wrote a series of profound spiritual books that are of great benefit for spiritual aspirants who wish to learn how to sit 'at the door of the heart' until it opens and reveals the Kingdom within (also known as 'Awakening' or 'Enlightenment').

In addition to Benner's books, there are also his 'Sun' papers which are excellent.  To get a comprehensive collection of Joseph Benner's books and Sun papers, go to:

Blessings to All... may you discover the Kingdom within!


 by Joseph S. Benner

From his book “BROTHERHOOD”

YOU have been told that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and many have accepted that statement as being so. But how many have ever purposely investigated and consistently endeavored to discover its real meaning  how and where within, and how to find it?

A Powerful Prayer (Invocation) from The Way to the Kingdom

BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus; and Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,— hear this our earnest prayer.